Monday, April 11, 2016

What's New?

Top of the Monday mornin' to ya, friends! I hope your day is starting off as fabulous as mine (or better). I mean, I didn't wake up at the beach so there's room for improvement. Still, it has been a good morning. Jordan was around so I didn't have to wake up Merit to take the other two boys to school, meaning that I also didn't have to throw my back out of line as I hobbled across two parking lots with a baby on my hip and two other little goons tugging on my other hand. Isn't it amazing how not having just one of your kids with you makes everything seem so much easier? I bet once Saylor arrives, I'll be feeling like three out in town is a breeze. Because Merit slept in (10am!!), I got a lot done.
Dishes are clean, laundry has been started, and I'm about 4,000 steps into my day. In addition, I've been plugging away on the nursery.
Last week, I bravely moved my two oldest into a room together and that has been...well...going. Anyway, I was determined to have a little room for our newest addition coming soon. Kinley had a room set up about a week before he arrived due to a move shortly before my due date. My other kids didn't have rooms until they were closer to one. It's not a big deal, but since this is my last babe I figure there's some room to spoil her (and me!). I just think a girl needs some room for her clothes! :) I don't have money to make this room the Pinterest perfect place, but I do have some mediocre skills that will improve the look of Abel's bland, tiny old room. When Jordan left on business, I set to work. In a week, I have moved out furniture, moved more in, set the crib up, and painted. Additionally, my dear husband humored me this weekend when he got back and hung some crown molding for me. I'm getting excited to finish cosmetic issues and start decorating. I'll show you more later.
We survived the first week of J being gone. We had some rough moments, but they were made better by friends and family who stopped by to provide a smidge of sanity for me. My in-laws brought over dinner for the boys and girl scout cookies for me and told me to leave and go to the grocery store alone! It was so nice to have an hour. The week went well. Abe had his first appointment with his occupational therapist. By the end of the week, I had noted that he said two new phrases: "It worked!" and "Do it again!"Merit is growing and changing so much, too. This past week he learned to climb up to the top of their outdoor play set by himself and slide down. Big boys.
I'm 27 weeks now. 
Baby is the size of a: cucumber or lantern
Weight: 140
Cravings: Nothing to write home about
Stretch Marks: I think I see a new one every six minutes. Kidding, but yeah...I'm trying to keep them under control. 
Exercise: I haven't been to the gym in weeks. My back pain is awful. I finally broke down and bought a pregnancy belt yesterday. It does seem to help, but the pain is still there and knocks me off my feet at times. I'm a little worried because I have a 5K coming up and it really hurts to run.
New Things: Does a feeling count? I just feel so much more pregnant than I actually am and it gives me this uneasy feeling that she might be early. Watch her come at 43 weeks now that I said that! :/ Anyway, I think that's why I've been wanting to get things in order. Nesting in full effect. I also got her car seat yesterday!
What's going on with her? She's about two pounds and if she's hearing, she probably is starting to recognize Mama's voice.
What I miss: sushi, running, climbing stairs without breathing know, the good life.
What I'm looking forward to: Never being pregnant again.


Jenn said...

I'm glad the nursery is coming together for you all! I feel more pregnant than i am too. I wonder if that's got something to do with carrying a girl. who knows!

Jen said...

You look great! :) Sounds like things are going well.

Jen said...

My third will be 1 next month and his nursery still isn't finished. Whoops! Good on you for getting stuff done! :)

Kim Beck said...

You always look so good while pregnant! I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my third and she won't have a nursery! We just don't have the room. I feel like I'm ready to deliver now and I'm not even halfway there!

Kace said...

@kim Congrats! I don't think I knew you were pregnant since you're Facebook-less now. :) I hope you have smooth sailing for the rest of the pregnancy.

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