Sunday, February 8, 2015

Once Upon A Time

What a week. This year has started off with a bang. In just a months time, we've learned a lot of new things:

1. We are moving. Again. Just down the road about an hour, but still. It will be good, but I'm sad. I don't want to leave my church, my friends, my gym, my babysitter, or Abel's speech therapist. Move number seven in five years. It's coming. And the pity party is already here. But I'm trying to be positive, too. The struggle. It's real.
Home is where they are, though.

2. Abe's ears aren't working on some level. I just need to say that out loud. You know, I've felt like something has been wrong from day one and this last trip to Nashville didn't bring the best of news. It was leaps and bounds better than the time before that, though. THAT time brought puke, holding down of crazy toddler while they cleaned his ears out and the baby screamed bloody murder, and news of more surgeries to come. This time, however, I just learned that Abel is still not responding much on the right side with his cochlear implants. The odd thing is, there's something malfunctioning but only sometimes. I'll not try to recall the technical term the audiologists told me and I'd be no good at describing what's happening, but just know that it involved a phone call to the company who makes his implants. Said phone call ended with an agreement that his situation was very bizarre and rare. Because of course. Anyway, they assured me again that they didn't think that the internal portion was failing and that isn't what I should worry about at this point. I'm not sure if I told you before, but he recently had a CT scan that showed all the electrodes to be in the right place. I really don't know what to take from the latest appointment, but we are just going to keep trying. Keep on truckin'. My little man is good at that.
Hotel Breakfast in Nashville
The good news? Nearly optimal hearing on the left side. God is good!

3. I have great friends near and far. About a week ago, I arrived at the airport to pick up a friend I met when I lived in Alaska. I hadn't seen her in years and when she showed up, I noticed she had a pal with her. Upon closer observation, I realized it was another one of my friends who showed up to surprise me. It was awesome. These women have no reason to show up and do nice things for me, but they just did. From the tone of my posts, they knew I was having a hard time with life and they swooped in with great company, cooking, cleaning, and helping with my kids. I don't deserve the friendships I have in life, but I'm ever grateful God blessed me with them. And can I just include y'all on that, too? I have so many wonderful friends whose friendship with me began online.

4. If J goes out of town, all the children will get sick. I can't even go into detail without getting super annoyed. But we've been hit hard with ear and sinus infections, croup, and stomach bugs. It has been pretty miserable. Looking forward to warmer weather, fresh air, and less of this sickly feeling floating around. But three cheers for early bath/beds and footie pjs!
Just livin' the fairytale over here, folks ;) Looking forward to a new week with my wild boys and another chance at being a happy, peaceful, godly, and disciplined mom to my little crew.

What are your big plans for the week?


Jenn said...

you are truly stronger than you give yourself credit for! As far as plans for us well there is yard sale prep continuing, preemptive moving organization and hopefully we find out where we are going this coming week.

Jen said...

Hugs friend!!! Sending lots of good vibes your way!

Lisa C said...

Hopefully, y'all are moving closer to Nashville! Praying for you.

JG said...

Oh man, so much going on! I hope the move goes smoothly and you get some good news about that implant soon!

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