Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why do I even try?

Jordan said I should have a whole section of my blog entitled "Why do I even try?" Then, he went even further to suggest I start a monthly magazine on this topic of motherhood and the many, many tasks that are so quickly undone throughout the day/week. What sparked this suggestion?

Potty training.

Yesterday, we sent our oldest (newly three years old) to Mother's Day Out in underwear. Dun, dun, duuuunn. He's great with #1. He'll even tell me he has to go and successfully makes it to the potty most days. #2 is a different story. I've never seen a kid so terrified of the task. When I know he has to go, I'll sit him down and he just shakes in fear and strains to hold it until I put a diaper on him (sometimes days later!) and then he finally goes. It's frustrating, but I don't want to push the issue too much. Still, he's gotta learn and I'm tired of buying diapers for three kids. I've all but jumped and rolled off the cloth diapering train. I'm thinking of selling our stash because between a newborn who spits up all the time and a toddler who thinks his clothes are the toilet, I can't keep up with the laundry. Which sparks the question--Why do I even try?

Last night, I bathed the boys and put them in fresh jams (all three of them) and joined my husband at the dinner table for a delicious, completely bad-for-me meal. Rookie mistake to do bath time before dinner. By the end, there was gravy all over Abel, clumps of oatmeal in Kinley's hair and face (he's a picky eater), and spit-up on the baby. Why do I even try?

I hope I'm not saying this phrase later on today. It's going to be a rough one. I'm taking all three of my lot to the doctor for well baby visits. It started at 5am with a loud Merit and continued with cleaning the kitchen, a load of laundry, and a bible study all before I could properly guzzle my first cup of coffee. Someone hold me.


Bethany said...

I suggest this to you as a mother whose child was TERRIFIED of going #2 in the potty and would hold it until we had to go through "poop childbirth" together, and I acted as her poop doula while she cried and strained to poop a brick: feed the poop fish. Yep, it sounds crazy. I read somewhere online to tell your kid that a fish lives in the bottom of the toilet (our fish's name is Fiona), and you have to feed the fish every day, or else it will go hungry. Once I introduced Fiona, she started pooping consistently on the potty. She will wave goodbye to it and say, "Bye, Poop! You gotta go feed Fiona!" It is the weirdest, strangest thing I've ever done in my life, but it worked. She will still occasionally go poop in her pull-up overnight, but that only happens once every few weeks or so. Do with this what you will. I'm just sayin'...feed the poop fish. ;)

Jenn said...

That is the same face I make when Bear wakes up early and I haven't had my coffee yet. I have heard of what Bethany is talking about. S had a hard time with pooping we did something similar to that, the poop monster (like the cookie monster, nice but very hungry). He lived in the sewer and needed to be fed. The better the back story the more she believed it and the easier it became for her. It wasn't an instant thing but it did help. Bear has pooped several times on the potty but he gets all freaked out whenever it has happened. I mean this kid practically leaps off the potty. It frustrating.

We all have those why bother moments. I make a lot of Bears food but yet we still spend 30-50 bucks a month on baby food in the jar so why am I even wasting my time. UGH. so annoying.

We should start up a new monthly or Bi-monthly blog hop of motherhood related topics like the old days. Vlog or written whatever. We should brain storm sometime.

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