Meet My Family

Hi, I'm Kace and I'm the author here at I have blogged for years, but I started this new space on the world wide web because I felt like I was outgrowing the old one. My life has changed so drastically in the last five years and I wanted a new blog to reflect that. Allow me to introduce myself in case you're new:

This is me.

I almost always have a baby in my hands. That's because I'm Mama to four beautiful children.

They're a wild crew and they keep me on my toes. Kinley is the oldest and he's five. He is a bright, emotional, and opinionated little boy. Abel is next. He just turned four years old. Around 15 months of age, it was confirmed by doctors that he is deaf. He received a cochlear implant two years ago and is in the process of catching up to his typically hearing peers. I'm really proud of him. Abe, as we often call him, is a trooper. I love watching him laugh and play alongside his brothers. Then there's Merit, my little love. He is such a joy! He is two and learning so much every day. Lastly (maybe. I think. Surely.) is our dear sweet anxiously awaited and celebrated baby girl, Saylor. She's a dream baby. A DREAM. If all babies were like her, I'd have a thousand.
We are blessed to have this guy in our lives:
 That's my husband, Jordan, and coincidentally, he also always has at least one baby in his arms, too...ya know, if he's home and not sipping coffee at some quiet place doing "work". Ok, that last part was one of those things I should just think and not actually say. I do that a lot. Anyway...

Welcome to our crazy.

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